Employment Law Tips For Small Employers with Household Employees in California

To assist estate planning and other attorneys who represent household employers, Genevieve Evarts made a presentation titled “Keeping Clients with Household Employees Out of Trouble with the Law” for the Bar Association of San Francisco on September 17, 2014.

The program provided an overview of the key compliance issues to be aware of when small employers are hiring and managing household employees in California.  While the ever-changing legal requirements in the employment area are difficult to comply and keep up with even for large employers, many individual and small employers are unfortunately putting themselves at risk by not understanding or ignoring the breadth of employment-related rules that also apply to them.  The topics covered during the presentation included:

  • The Employee vs. Independent Contractor Distinction
  • Hiring Checklist
  • Pay and Benefit Obligations
  • Wage and Hour Requirements
  • Best Practices for Discipline and Termination

You can access a copy of the outline accompanying the presentation here.

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