Shared Values

We believe that our success as lawyers and as a firm is determined by our ability to deliver sophisticated, excellent legal services, and to do so efficiently and economically.

We are committed to the practice of law as a profession.  We strive to achieve the twin goals of excellence and cost-efficiency by staffing our matters with small, focused teams of superb attorneys, and by creating internal structures that reinforce our commitment to client service.

When we work with clients, we begin by discussing their business objectives, as we recognize that our recommendations are guided not simply by legal principles but also by the practical problems and opportunities at hand.

By understanding each client’s business objectives, we find that we are best able to serve as trusted advisers, forming lasting relationships that enable us to exercise our judgment and use our experience to address our clients’ legal challenges and opportunities.

Unique Structure

We have organized  our firm to ensure that we are true partners to our clients.

Our firm is structured to ensure that our interests are aligned with those of our clients.  For example, we recognize that the common practice of imposing minimum billable hour requirements on attorneys may not always lead to the most efficient and effective results.

We want to promote a community of professionals who devote as much time – no more, no less – as is necessary to deliver excellent client service, and we consequently do not impose any minimum billable hour targets or requirements.  Similarly, the common practice of staffing matters with large numbers of associates but few experienced partners sometimes leads to inefficiencies and unnecessary fragmentation of information.  We staff our matters leanly, and at least one experienced partner is thoroughly integrated and actively engaged in the representation.  In short, the organization of our firm is designed to ensure that we are true partners to our clients.